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Commercial moving

Office relocation is an event that needs to be carried out as soon as possible, clearly and harmoniously, so that office employees can start working almost immediately. The experience of our company allows you to competently and effectively organize a turnkey office move in GTA, Canada. Careful planning, distribution of duties, the use of special tools and lifting equipment for moving safes, large equipment, respect for property, adherence to the schedule are the main principles of our company. The transport driver thinks in advance about the optimal transportation route, taking into account the quality of roads and traffic jams in Toronto, access roads to the place of loading and unloading. Assessment and planning of the entire range of work for the office relocation; Selection of a car with a carrying capacity that will be sufficient for the transportation of office furniture, office equipment, safes, documentation and other things; Providing a team of loaders and trucks; Workers will accurately mark and number boxes, load and secure loads in the truck; Dismantling and assembling furniture, removing office equipment (projectors, monitors, TVs) from mountings. Packing of all transported items in polystyrene, film, boxes, boxes to ensure the integrity and safety of items; Unloading, skidding, unpacking, arranging furniture, office equipment, computers in a new place.

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